Welcome to the Intensive French Program at the University of Ottawa!

The program is designed to accommodate the needs of intermediate and advanced French speakers.
It is intended for students who are preparing to begin their university program in French at the University of Ottawa, or for those simply looking to improve their French language skills.

The training is flexible and tailor-made.

Learning French will allow you to pave the way for future studies, future jobs, and even new friendships. We hope to see you next session!



Program Details

The two programs of the Intensive French Program (PIF) help students to:

  • Understand and effectively communicate ideas in an academic setting;
  • Prepare to start an undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate university program;
  • Become familiar with Canadian culture through weekly socio-cultural activities (such as bowling, hiking, and museum visits);
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the University and the community;
  • Connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

We offer two distinct streams:

  • FLS0540 is an upgrade for students who have received an offer of conditional admission to the University of Ottawa. This course helps students improve their French skills before starting their university program.
  • FLS0560 provides an introduction to students who want to get a head start towards their university studies in Canada.

When you pass a course, we give you a certificate indicating your level of proficiency in French as a second language.

Course Descriptions

FLS0540 Academic Gateway in French as a Second Language

Improve your French prior to beginning your studies

This course aims to improve your oral and written comprehension of French through critical listening and reading sessions; as well as your oral and written expression in French. You will learn to:

  • Express yourself correctly and fluently in a variety of situations such as interviews or presentations;
  • Organize and synthesize information from different sources;
  • Write academic documents such as research reports or essays.

Details :

  • This program is offered to students who have received a conditional offer at the University of Ottawa.
  • The program lasts two sessions:
    • Session 1 (14 weeks): September 2018 to December 2018
    • Session 2 (14 weeks): January 2019 to April 2019
  • The second session includes a three-credit university course: CMN2581 Intercultural Communication


FLS0560 French for Academic Success: Complementary Skills

Deepen your knowledge of the French language

  • Participate in workshops on a chosen theme dealing with acquisition skills, language production, vocabulary, or grammar. The theme may vary from section to section.

Details :

  • This program is offered to students who are admitted to a program at the University of Ottawa.
  • Includes a disciplinary course of 3 credits
  • July start
  • 7 weeks / 24 hours a week


Academic Early Start

Learning French Through an Authentic University Course!

In FLS0540 and FLS0560, students have the opportunity to take an authentic university course each week. This course will:

  • Encourage you to develop the learning strategies and study skills essential for success in undergraduate studies; 
  • Accelerate your language learning by exposing you to academic subject matter under the guidance of a supportive professor;
  • Give you an experience of the academic norms and culture of the University of Ottawa;
  • Increase your motivation by exposing you to an authentic academic undergraduate experience and by providing you with the opportunity to earn credits.*

This course is part of the PIF curriculum. It is free for all PIF students registered in FLS0540 or FLS0560.

A communication course will be offered:


Intercultural Communication

Theories relevant to communication across cultures and countries. Problems in interpersonal and workplace communication in the context of a multicultural Canada. Case studies.

* Students going into a program that accepts free electives may receive 3 credits for the course upon entering their program. Special conditions apply.

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