Qifeng Testimonial PIF


“PIF really helped me with my studies at the University of Ottawa. This program isn’t only to improve your French, it’s a prep school for those who are just starting university. Courses are rally varied, we listened to Canadian music, we did essays and prepared debates, and we really adapted to Canadian French. In addition, the University gave us a lot of resources. But many students don’t know about it! We did campus tours with professors and learned where to get help when we need it, and we got to know the campus. In fact, all the students who will be doing their studies in French are welcome; after this program, you will be much better prepared for your studies here and you won’t regret it.” - QIFENG, PIF 2016



Christina Testimonial PIF


“I participated in the Programme intensif de français this summer and I really benefited from this experience. To continue my studies in France, I was looking for a university that offers intensive language courses. As a German student, it was very interesting and beneficial to see that French has many facets and that it isn’t only spoken in Europe. During these weeks I had a chance to improve my language skills as well as my knowledge of life and culture in Canada. I met many Canadians but also young people from all around the world who made my trip an unforgettable experience.” - CHRISTINA, PIF 2016






"My experience during the summer was wonderful. I participated in the three-month Intensive French Program. This program has given us the opportunity to better integrate at the University of Ottawa. The teachers made the classes interesting. We did role plays during the French classes, and even organized a singing competition. Every Wednesday, we had the chance to visit Ottawa and the National Capital Region with guides. I met several friends,  and I improved my oral skills, so, for me, it's worth it to do the Intensive French Program. "- NICOLE, PIF 2017

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